Season 6 Episode 5: Order and Chaos

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Release: Nov 23, 2004

Supervisor Sean must suspend Maxine for slapping, in front of a cop, a wicked teen charge for nearly-fatally neglecting her naive senior foster mother's basic needs. Penniless Vincent jumps at the chance to earn $100 as 'driver' to escort to has father's house maternally-abused swell teen jock Robbie, with whom he bonds while working out why the knave, who shows a critical interest in author "Vinnie's" own problems, dreads returning home. Novel juvenile advocate Donna fails to appreciate Amy's coaching of her first case and negotiating with DA Morris Riordan, although it perfectly serves the needs of preteen client Carl Sipple not to be tried as an adult but get juvenile help rather then a jail sentence. David bitterly finds Amy ditched their date to have drinks with her clerk. Summoned to Ned's principal's office, Peter and his ex are pleasantly surprised to hear their son mischief stems for an under-challenged high IQ.

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