Season 3 Episode 21: Tidal Wave

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Release: Apr 23, 2002

Maxine works more tirelessly than ever on the Pamela Taylor investigation as she assists an attorney in finding other abused teens who are willing to join in the Taylors' class action suit against Buckley Hills; when a social worker in a child abuse case appears in her courtroom with an attitude, and without any of the periodic reports she was ordered to file with the court, Amy cites her for contempt and has her arrested when she discovers that the social worker is unaware of the child's present whereabouts; later that evening at the dinner table, Maxine takes vociferous objection to Amy's ruling and accuses her of displacing her fears and frustration about Maxine's health onto a good social worker who is overworked and overwhelmed; realizing that her mother is right, Amy has the social worker released from jail; when Donna discovers how much Kyle regrets not completing his medical training, she prods him into resuming his studies; Amy presides at the sentencing hearing for two young men convicted of smuggling diamonds from Israel in an attempt to help Jewish refugees; Bruce is suspended after his arrest, and forces Amy to confront the breach of trust that exists between them as a result of his violent behavior; Amy becomes increasingly concerned that Maxine is driving herself too hard and damaging her health, but no one takes her seriously until Maxine is admitted to the hospital after collapsing at work during a particularly stressful day.

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