Janet King

Created as a spin-off from the 2011 legal drama Crownies. Janet King follows the story of Senior Crown Prosecutor Janet King, tracing her journey in Series 1 in the Department of Public Prosecutions to a Royal Commission into Serious Firearm Crime in Series 2 to the National Crime Commission in Series 3.

Network: ABC
Country: Australia
Release date: 2014-02-27
Official Sites: abc.net.au
IMDb Rating: 8.5
Marta Dusseldorp
Janet King
Damian Walshe-Howling
Owen Mitchell
Christopher Morris
Andy Campbell
Peter Kowitz
Tony Gillies
Hamish Michael
Richard Stirling
Andrea Demetriades
Lina Badir
Aimee Pedersen
Ella Scott Lynch
Vince Colosimo
Jeanette Cronin
Leah Purcell
Anita Hegh
Akos Armont
Harriet Dyer
Philip Quast
Ewen Leslie
Aaron Jeffery
Gary Sweet